Understanding our Uniqueness

Christian Dance Center, LLC is a professional, yet caring environment dedicated to the growth and development of young dancers, and bringing quality and affordable dance instruction to the Shreveport community. CDC is not a church, nor affiliated with a church. However, we are believers who teach biblical principles and the importance of prayer. CDC is dance studio that offer a variety of classes with professionally trained instructors for everyone who is interested in the art of dance.

CDC has been a successful, thriving studio for 12 years. From there we will be able to spread the word that dancing is a fun and exciting way to spend time. The studio opened in November of 2002 with 29 students in a single room of 1,400 square feet. The studio now operates in over 6,000 square feet with three dance rooms. Over the twelve year span, CDC has taught over a thousand students and has made a major impact in the African American community by educating and introducing classical ballet as a major foundation of dance technique. Due to the substantial increase, additional space is needed to continue to adequately service and accommodate our customers. There has never been a dance studio of this size and magnitude owned and operated by an African American female in Shreveport. However, there are many benefits to dancing that will attract people from many backgrounds and interests.

Terry Jackson is the founder of CDC. She has extensive experience in directing yearly recitals that bring in people from throughout the community. Immediately prior to opening her own studio, Terry was a principle dancer with Inter City Row Modern Dance Company where Luther Cox Jr. is the artistic director. During this time, Terry developed a passion for teaching and received her first experience with choreography for a group. Through her love for teaching, Terry created a studio that not only teaches dance, but also encourages, motivates, boost self-esteem, and teach the importance of maintaining a healthy body with good nutrition and daily exercise.